My name is Brian Walker,  owner of Mr. Pest Control, LLC. I am a licensed pest control and extermination contractor with eleven years experience in the field of pest control and exterminating. I have worked with a top entomologist in the field of pest control to better understand how and why different pests require different control methods.

Because pest control is not a “one size fits all” proposition, our objective is to control or eliminate pests by using the safest means known , without harming the environment, your pets or your family. By using the best techniques available from our industry, we can both satisfy our customers and rid them of unwanted and sometimes damaging guest a.k.a. pests.

Mr. Pest Control’s top priorities are:

1. Customer Satisfaction
2. Quality of Service
3. Fair Pricing

We believe that quality should never be compromised especially when it comes to someone’s home and safety of their family.

When Mr. Pest Control applies materials, we do so outside the home with inside on request. This “Outside the Home” approach allows Mr. Pest Control to keep most of the materials outside of the home and only use materials inside the home when it is needed. This approach minimizes unnecessary exposure to non-pests and reduces pests resistance to the materials.

Mr. Pest Control also changes to different materials every six months to further minimize resistance and to help insure the effective integrity of the barrier around the outside of the home.

Mr. Pest control now offers a mosquito maintenance service.

Every four weeks or so we will be out to spray for mosquitoes. This frequency of application will allow families to be outside having fun with their children instead of having to worry about being bit. However, this should not be your only measure to prevent being bit.

Mr. Pest Control is located in Cobb County, Georgia.