Bed Bug Tips

Bed Bug Tips When Traveling

Bed Bug Tips when traveling When packing for your trip make sure to pack a flashlight. It will be used to look for hidden bed bugs. When you check in make sure to leave your luggage in the car until you have inspected for bed bugs. Take your flashlight into your hotel, motel, house, villa or whatever you are going to stay. Pull the sheets off the bed look all the way around the mattress, under the mattress, and behind the head board for any blood stains or small bugs that can be the size of pepper. Use flashlight to check for bedbugs behind picture frames, in dresser drawers, closets, and upholstered chairs. Once you have inspected for bed bugs bring your luggage in but do not store it on the floor. Place you luggage up off of the floor as well as your shoes and dirty clothes. If bed bugs do make their way home with you make sure to call a professional right way. The longer you wait the more they spread. If you have any questions or concerns please give us a call Mr. Pest Control…

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