Millipedes where do you live?

Millipedes can enter into the structure in many different areas. The most common is under the siding of the house. The gap under exterior siding of a home is probably just as cozy as the loose bark of an old log, and maybe even stays a little warmer and more protected from environmental hazards. Reducing the populations of the millipedes on the property, and at least take away their ability to live up close and personal to the home. For the most part millipedes are nocturnal, hiding during the daytime in darkened, damp places. If there is anything piled or stored adjacent to the structure this could provide harborage for the bugs. It’s just good advice in general to encourage customers of all kinds to keep a path of cleared ground open around the structure. What you need to strive for with any pest that is invading from outdoors is a way to reduce the problem to an acceptable level with the minimum use of pesticides. This should be our Industry standard. A much more sensible approach is to evaluate the outside environment, where the millipedes are coming from, and determine why they are living there and why they are invading a home. Step 1 should be to pest-proof the structure as best you can, using caulking to fill holes or gaps, and door strips to close off gaps at the bottoms of doors. Since they cannot fly the most likely places millipedes are going to enter is at ground level, although climbing outside walls is certainly possible. Any pest-proofing you do is also going to help prevent the entry of any other kinds of unwanted…

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